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Email Support

As a new parent, we often have questions that we don't know where to find the answer to. Reaching out for information or support from professionals can be expensive and involve long wait lists. That is why I provide Parent Coaching Sessions through video conference calls and email consultations for more basic queries.

Parent Coaching Session offer the unique opportunity for us to have an in-depth conversation about the specifics of your family's situation (find details by clicking the Parent Coaching button). 

I get it though, our lives are busy and finding time can be challenging. There are times when parents just want to send a quick email and receive a response they can read at their leisure. Maybe you feel your query is straightforward and may not require an in-depth consultation.

Mini Email Consult 

Is there a specific issue that is coming up with your child that you would like my perspective on? A parenting question that you just don't know who to reach out to? I offer a mini consultation via email for these sorts of issues. Examples I have previously offered parents support on via email include:

  • Bedtime issues

  • Challenging behaviour

  • Supporting transitions to daycare/nursery or preschool

  • Navigating big changes

  • Setting loving limits

This service is less personalised than my parent consultation services (which include video consultation allowing for an in-depth conversation) but can he helpful in working with less complex issues or answering simpler queries.

Drop me an email at if you would like to enquire about this service.

65 USD

My Approach
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