If you have a little one who is experiencing worries that include separations (such as starting preschool or school, or even attending classes and activites without parental participation) then the worries and separations bundle might be for you. Available for just $65.00

This value bundle includes:


1. Worries Webinar (50 minutes) 

2. Successful Separations Webinar (Starting school or childcare) (50 minutes),

3. Successful Separations e-book (50 pages).


The Worries Webinar:


This 50 minute webinar will empower parents to know how best to support their little ones when worries show up. This pre-recorded webinar will cover:


- When to seek additional support for your child and family.


- Understanding your child's emotional, behavioural and physiological response to worry or anxiety.


- How to lovingly guide your child towards valuable experiences that they may wish to avoid due to anxiety or uncertainty.


- Why avoidance doesn't work. - Riding the wave of worries or anxiety to build resilience.


- Building stress tolerance in our children to support them to manage stress.


- Therapeutic storytelling to soothe our children and help them make sense of their experiences.


- Working with childhood fears.


Starting School or Childcare: Successful Separations Webinar


Understanding infant development can help us to support our little ones to transition successfully into daycare, nursery, or school. In this PRE-RECORDED 55 minute webinar, you will learn about infant brain development, why little ones are wired to seek proximity to us, why protesting separations is normal, and how to support a successful transition to daycare or preschool.


We will cover:


- Infant brain development


- Attachment science


- Stages of attachment


- Circle of Security model


- Strategies to support a gentle and successful transition for babies, toddlers, and young children


- What the research suggests about early childcare Suitable for parents and educators of children aged 0-5.


Successful Separations E-Book



In this eBook I will cover:


  • What is Attachment?
  • How to nurture a seure attachment with your child.
    • Can my baby be "too attached?"
    • What does separation anxiety look like? Should I be worried?
    • Separating from 8-18 month olds and general strategies
    • Separating from 16- 36 month olds and general strategies.
    • Understanding temperament
    • Strategies for toddlers who find new situations overwhelming.


  • Coping with Separation Anxiety at Home
    • Normalising and understanding parental preference
    • Using the PACE approach to manage par